Extension Center

The Extension Center located on the Shinjuku Campus hosts Mejiro University Extension Lectures targeting anyone who wants to learn something new. Lectures cover a wide range of topics, from language to business management, and liberal arts, with around 700 people attending the lectures annually. A nursery facility has also been established on campus to enable parents with preschool children to come to these lectures comfortably, even with their children. In the 2017 Spring term, there were 75 lectures and 85 courses offered. The Center also offers intensive courses to full-time Mejiro University students during long vacations as well as lectures to prepare for obtaining qualifications that are useful when searching for employment after graduation. Mejiro University students have been actively enrolling in these courses and lectures, taking advantage of tuition discounts (when applicable).

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Mejiro University Extension Center
Phone: 03-5996-3181