Message from the Director

Clinic Director
Mejiro University Ear Institute Clinic Director
Fushiki Hiroaki

The Ear Institute Clinic, which was established on the Mejiro University Iwatsuki Campus, is a unique medical facility offering medical care for otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat specialization) and rehabilitation (speech, language and hearing therapy). The Clinic is open to both the Mejiro University community and general public, and provides: (1) otorhinolaryngological diagnosis and treatment as well as speech, language and hearing therapy, (2) clinical research in neuro-otology, and (3) undergraduate education for students studying speech, language and hearing therapy. Otorhinolaryngological specialists provide thorough diagnosis and advanced treatment particularly for dizziness and hearing loss, and strive to offer cutting-edge treatments for such conditions. In addition, the Clinic supports the health of university students, staff and faculty, and conducts medical examinations for community residents to address nasal allergies (including sublingual immunotherapy), common colds, middle-ear inflammation, as well as detect oral, pharyngeal and laryngeal cancers at an early stage. The teaching faculty of Mejiro University's Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Therapy work closely with physicians to treat swallowing disorders, hearing impairments, dysphemia and aphasia for everyone from infants to the elderly. Currently, Clinic staff specializing in dizziness and faculty of the Department of Physical Therapy are collaborating to conduct a pioneering clinical research project on vestibular rehabilitation therapy.
The clinic affords students the opportunity to learn through personal experience and graduate with the knowledge that they will become outstanding healthcare professionals.