Saitama Iwatsuki Campus

After passing through a canopy of green keyaki trees, the Main Building comes into view straight ahead. Paulownia trees overlook a gently rising set of stairs at the center of the campus. The spacious campus, a sanctuary of natural beauty, has on its left side Building No. 1 and Building No. 2 that house lecture halls and a diversity of classrooms large and small. On the right are laboratory buildings No. 3 and No. 5, where students study medicine and nursing. And Mejiro University Ear Institute Clinic, which is on the first floor of Building No. 5, has an otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) department and rehabilitation department (speech, language, and hearing therapy) that provide care and strive to serve the community.

Campus Area
  • Campus grounds: 69,717.00㎡
  • Buildings: 22,750.37㎡
  1. Bldg. No.1
  2. Bldg. No.2
  3. Bldg. No.3
  4. Main Bldg.
  5. Bldg. No.5/Mejiro University Ear Institute Clinic
  6. Gymnasium
  7. Iwatsuki Library Bldg.
  8. University Hall&Cafeteria
  9. Community Plaza Kiri
  10. 1st Club House
  11. 2nd Club House
  12. Field Annex
  13. Open Air Stage
  14. Athletic Ground
  15. Tennis Courts
  16. Bus Terminal
  17. Student Parking


Photo Gallery