Shinjuku Campus

The Shinjuku Campus, positioned in an elevated part of Mejiro is blessed with greenery and has long been called "the school in the forest." Surrounded by more than 700 species of trees expressing the four seasons of the year, the red-brick campus buildings are arrayed in a line with Bldg. No.10 in the middle, which features a tower that is the symbol of the campus rising 9 floors above ground and extending 2 floors below ground. The surrounding buildings include the Main Bldg., the Extension Center, the Juen Sato Memorial Bldg., the Psychological Counseling Center and other facilities, with Junior High School and High School buildings arrayed on the east side.

Campus Area
  • Campus grounds: 41,856.91㎡
  • Buildings: 65,490.18㎡
  1. Bldg. No.10
  2. Athletic Ground
  3. Tennis courts
  4. Mejiro Kenshin Junior and Senior High School
  5. Amenity Terrace (Paulownia)
  6. Bldg. No. 6 (Towa International DormitoryⅠ)
  7. Towa International Dormitory II
  8. Towa International Dormitory III
  9. Auxiliary Athletic Field
  10. Bldg. No.1
  11. Bldg. No.2
  12. Bldg. No.3
  13. Main Bldg./Extension Center
  14. Bldg. No.4
  15. Juen Sato Memorial Bldg./Shinjuku Library/Gymnasium
  16. Kenshin-kan Hall
  17. Bldg. No.7/Psychological Counseling Center
  18. Bldg. No.8
  19. Clubhouse

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